It's the fastest way when you are in rush. 
ParkBox provided a mobile app for driver easily to obtain street parking session anywhere in the fastest way, convenient and safest. Driver can easily extend on the go, receive notification before session expire and top up immediate via mobile. We improved municipal street parking payment method, created environmental friendly, enhanced the people living quality.
ParkBox uses smartphone technology to transform street parking motorist hassles into conveniently, fast & easy. Download ParkBox on App Store & Google Play
  1. Alert Before Expire
    Upon driver parking session going expire before 10 min will get a notification to remind the extension.
  2. Extend Immediately
    Driver is able to extend anywhere without going back to the car.
  3. Instant Top Up
    Driver can easily top up credit with ebanking / credit card on the apps.
  1. Use in Multiple Car
    Driver can help others car to pay for their parking session via the apps.
  2. Auto Detect
    Driver will know the parking location is belong to which municipal.
  3. Friendly UI
    With just few clicks away to done a parking session without any hassles.
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ParkBox is a street parking mobile app for people easily to make parking payment with just a few clicks away on their parking journey.The drivers are primarily looking for greater convenient payment method, fastest, easier, enable to extend and top up on-the-go, driver will get alert when session goes expire and driver can easily top up parking credit in ParkBox app with credit card & eBanking immediately.
We always stand on user pain point and overcome as make everyone parking in the street with peace of mind at their fingertips. 
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